An Epic Strategy Game – The Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy video game. In this game you can get your village customized, build an army and also get your opponents crushed. The task players of Clash of Clans build up their very own town from the resources which they have gained from attacking the other players through the fighting features of the game. The main resources are gold, elixir and the dark elixir. In order to create clans, the player can join groups of up to fifty people who can take part in the Clan wars together.

There are four resources in the game. Gold and elixir are being used to build and reload the defenses that will help in protecting the player from the attack of the other players. Elixir and dark elixir are used to upgrade and also train the troops and spells.

The updates of Clash of Clans includes features like new buildings, new power abilities, new battle modes, troops and the mechanics of the game. There are also new designs for the buildings like Push Trap, crusher, Gem Mine and the Clock Tower. Another new feature of the game is the new mode of the battle – the Versus Battle. In this battle style the player will take on the opponents in a head to head attacking competition. In this both the competitors will attack each other and the one who attacks the best will win the prize. In case you are making a defense the resources which are being used by you will not be lost.


In order to earn and store gold and elixir the players need to build mines of gold and storages of gold and collectors of elixirs and storages of elixirs, respectively. At Town hall 7, the dark elixir becomes available. This is used to train and upgrade the dark elixir troops and heroes. There are a number of buildings which are made available to the players so that they can defend their village which includes mortars, bombs and so on. The players can also build walls which can be then upgraded as the town hall level of the player increases.

The Clans and its wars

What exactly are these clans? Well Clans are a group of players who join in together to support each other either by donating troops or by giving each other advices. The players can join clans once the special Clan castle Building is rebuilt. In the gameplay when the clans have a face off against each other in the clan wars that is considered to be a major component. Each player has a limitation of two attacks per war. The team that is able to gain most stars at the end of the war day is then considered to be the winner. The players will receive bonus war loot if the player chooses to use their attacks in the war. The top most base will have the most war bonus loot and the last base will have the least amount of bonus loot. If the clan manages to win the war, the bonus loot will be fully delivered to the player but in case of a loss or a draw only one third of the loot is being delivered to the player.

The Builder Base

A new mode of the game has been released and it is known as the Builder Base, in this the players can sail to a new island and also they can make a new village, with an entire different set of buildings. Two players are entitled to attack the bases of each other simultaneously. The one who is able to get more stars will get the gold, elixir and the trophies. You can win the loot only from attacking three times in twelve or twenty four hours. You can also continue attacking for trophies even afterwards. A new hero has been added by the update. It is called the Battle Machine. In the entire game it is the only hero that has a reusable ability named the electric Hammer.

The games of the Clan and the Magic items

When the clan games were introduced, at first it was a one – off event where the members of the clan could work together in order to get a task completed which would then earn the clan points. When the amount of points that you have collected are enough a reward tier will be unlocked and the players will have an opportunity of selecting one reward from each tier that has been unlocked. The update also introduced Magic items which can be used to enhance the certain aspects of the village of the players. The magic items can be obtained only as rewards from the clan games.

Are there any benefits of playing Clash of Clans?

There are many kids, young adults as well as elders who are a die – hard fans of video games. So are you among the ones who enjoy playing video games? There are many people out there who are constantly on a look out for new games and challenges. Video games might not be preferred by everyone but yes they too have some benefits. They help in training your brain and also your muscles. Also helps in the enhancement of your problem solving skills and in the boosting of your memory. Playing video games can help you reduce your level of stress and depression and also help in the improvement of your skills of learning. Video games can also be used as a therapy for people who have chronic diseases and also mental illness. Also the patients who are suffering from diseases like post – traumatic stress disorder, Schizophrenia and so on have a benefit if they play video games. Also for kids who are Autistic playing video games have shown some improvements in their behavioral pattern. It is likely believed that playing this game will have a positive impact on the neuronal mechanism which will help in the activation of positive emotions.