Best ways to clean carpet

You need to find is one of the best companies available in carpet cleaning business in Las Vegas. A top company in carpet cleaning has one main agenda to deal with when they started the business. The company think tank further believes that it not only wastes a huge amount of money, but also causes an irreparable damage to the health and society because of harmful chemicals involved. As a matter of fact, a lot of cleaning agencies, involved in carpet cleaning were completely overlooking the hazards of harmful chemical used, posing a big threat to the environment because of the residuals. The guys at top companies work very well. The technicians and experts worked round the clock for several months to create innovative designs with patented technology. They provided service about which the company takes pride to talk about and the customers do not tire to shower praise on. As the company say that years of painstaking efforts have made them just amazing at cleaning carpets. They not only clean the carpet but make the surrounding a safe and healthy place to be.

At the same time, a lot of different companies started research and development on alternative methods for carpet cleaning which have no or negligible effect on atmosphere. The need was to create a green and sustainable process to clean carpets and which do not have heavy cost implication. In different parts of the world, companies started patenting their own creation of green and sustainable methods for carpet cleaning. These methods were tested on various parameters regarding chemical residuals, after use odour, affect on humans and pets.

Challenging the legacy with its own innovation

For last 50 years or so, almost every company was using the same s method to clean the carpet. The top companies decided to break the stereotype. The engineers looked at all the alternative ways to find an environmental friendly solution for the same. The research and development culminated into a patented technology called, “EMPOWERED WATER CLEANING TECHNOLOGY”. The system went out to become a huge success in the industry. It was awarded the highest rated concept by the “CARPET AND RUG INSTITUTE “and also received the prestigious IICRC certification. “ Empowered Water”, the patented technology is G.R.A.S by the FDA and EPA. This OMRI listed Organic is safe for people, kids and pets.

Working Method

If you hire a top carpet cleaning company then, a person books an appointment, the executive calls in advance to remind about the appointment. To make sure that the consumer has made a right choice in preferring over other companies, the technicians perform a “No Cost, No Obligation challenge”. The purpose behind doing this is to make the consumer ecstatic about their choice of preferring they see the final results. Raving Fan Guarantee is an USP; the company has created for itself to acquire new customer base and leave behind a pool of happy and satisfied fans who rave about the company. As they say: Its Easy, Its Safe”

Environmental and Consumer Friendly–Sustainable

They have redefined the way cleaning happens. No harsh chemicals, no bicarbonates, only organic and sustainable material. No offensive smell after cleaning. 100% clean and green method of cleaning carpets, favourable for kids and pets and the awarded patented technology to stay cleaner for a long time. The cleaning system has received the best clean system in the industry, CRI Platinum.

Last but not the least, its local and family owned and the fastest growing carpet cleaning company, thanks to the technology and raving fans.

Top two mistakes to avoid


The main problem comes about when the backing of the carpet gets soaking wet. When this occurs there is a high chance that your carpet will discolour (if it is bright colour).  This is a very important thing as it can harm carpet and that is the last thing that you want. So you need to be very careful in getting this sorted.

Drying a soaking wet carpet has proven to be a nightmare, and this is the right recipe for mould and mildew problems. Trust me you want none of that.

Wet carpets and furniture

As we all know, the process of making furniture involves dying the wood to produce that polished ash wood. Now, since your carpet is wet these dyes in the wood are then released leaving off a stain which is permanent most of the times.

The moral of the story here is that, make sure that your carpet is not soaking wet. If it is, see that the wet part is not directly in contact with any furniture.

There you have it, folks, a homemade carpet stain remover and the mistakes that you need to prevent for the longevity of your carpet. Take care.