What do i need to make t shirts at home?

If anyone asks you to name the first casual wear that comes into your mind, your answer would most probably be – t-shirt. Simply put, for both sexes and all ages, t-shirts have become staple in the department of casual wear.

Why? Why are they regarded as such?

In no way, a t-shirt is a classic piece of casual wear. There are other types of wear that should and could have been more popular. But t-shirts has solidified its place as such.

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Reasons behind this phenomenon are plenty. Some would say the reason is “comfort”, some would argue in favor of price and availability. But to me, the main reason is the artistry.

If you are an artist or an entrepreneur, you can use the t-shirt as a blank canvas. You can make your own t-shirt with virtually anything printed on it. Many have even started their own t-shirt business and found success.

Making a cute t-shirt at home is not difficult to accomplish. All you need is a few types of equipment and some time. Usually, there are seven times that you will need to create such a t-shirt. They are:

  1. A screen
  2. Some ink
  3. Piece of paper
  4. Craft knife
  5. Squeegee
  6. Role of masking tape
  7. Cotton fabric t-shirt

Firstly, you would need screen printing fabric ink. There is various ready-mixed ink that you can try first, then move on to better ones. By using them, you can hone your skills that will come handy in later days.

Next, you need a screen. Again, you can start with mesh and a cheap canvas stretcher frame to create your screen. Or you can buy ready-made screen. However, the latter one might be a bit pricey. So the best option would be to use the cheap ones first and then move on to the more “professional” ones.

Always remember, you are opting to create your screen using mesh and canvas stretcher, staple evenly to make the edges taut.

The third item that has to be in your arsenal is a squeegee. Although most people are unaware of the existence of it, they are relatively common and are available in most craft supply stores. A D-Cut blade or a square-edged one is good to use on fabric. Thick cards can also do the job, but in that case, the edge has to be firm, straight the whole length. Jcer blog write a article about die cutting machine. Go here and know more details about this cutting tool.

Now comes the part where you would need a craft knife and plain paper. For starters, you can use shapes like triangles and or diamonds. Just curving the design with a knife is fine.

Making a t-shirt at home can be a fun activity for anyone. Starting with an intricate design can be tough, so you should start with small and then try to move towards more professional looking ones.

The process is relatively easy to perform, and the items required are readily available almost everywhere. All it takes in taking the first step.