Las Vegas carpet cleaning – A very practical approach

But what happens when our carpet has a stain of food, drink and other dirt? In this case, we must be careful because if we do not know how to treat it we can spoil the carpet. First of all, tranquility- a trick to remove recent stains is to apply a jet of carbonated water (soda) and leave for a few minutes. Then you should dry with a clean dry towel, but without rubbing, just pressing to absorb moisture. When the stains are old and/or dry, we must carefully brush to remove most of the dirt, and then apply the right product according to its composition. Always respect the instructions for use of the product you apply, always using the indicated amount and applying for the appropriate time. Steam is not recommended if you do not know the composition of the carpet, as it can burn or distort it. If it is synthetic, abrasive products such as bleach do not matter either.

At the time of cleaning the house, one of the main questions that arise is how we should do carpet cleaning. So today in Las Vegas carpet cleaning we will give you a series of tips so you know how to do carpet cleaning efficiently and without complications. Carpets are very practical elements for the decoration of our home; however, they are synonymous with an accumulation of mites and dirt. For this reason, on many occasions, it is a headache to do carpet cleaning. We are almost never sure which products to use, how to remove the stains from their surface or how we can eliminate odours without getting damaged. We are aware that carpet cleaning is so heavy that many people choose not to have them at home. However, we are going to show you some simple tricks so that you can use them again as a decorative element for your home whenever you want.

What products are good for carpet cleaning at Las Vegas carpet cleaning?

There are a variety of cleaning products for the home that also serve to clean carpets, however, before using them, make a test before using them and read the label to make sure it is not going to spoil. One of the most common products is foam spray. You can find it at any hardware store or supermarket nearby. The way to do carpet cleaning with this product is simple. First, you should spray a light layer of foam on the surface of the carpet and rub it with a damp sponge (remember that it is not good to wet the carpet excessively since this can cause the appearance of mould). Once the carpet is dry you will have to vacuum it to remove the foam residues.

If the carpet has large dimensions, it is best to carry out this process in sections; since if the foam dries before passing the sponge with water, very difficult spots can appear. The dirt that these can accumulate according to the use that is given can be very high and also the stains that can be generated due to its use do not jump with a simple vacuum cleaner. To clean it, we will need a natural ingredient, a glass of water, an unused rag, the vacuum cleaner and two large tablespoons of neutral detergent and a bucket or basin

How should the vacuum cleaner be used for proper carpet cleaning?

The best thing to keep the carpets clean is to vacuum regularly (every two or three days will be enough to be in good condition). The way to do it is very simple. You should vacuum both horizontally and vertically and try to overlap the vacuum passes to cover the entire surface. In addition, it is advisable to try not to step on the newly aspirated areas: this way we will avoid unnecessary marks that will make the result, not the desired one. In less accessible areas and at the corners of the carpet, use the vacuum tube to completely eliminate dust and dirt.

As you can see, cleaning carpets can be a very heavy and monotonous task. But with these little tips and doing periodic maintenance, you can keep them as clean as the first day. Comprehensive maintenance of cleaning services, disinfection and ozonation of offices, premises, offices, clinics, sports centres and large teaching, commercial, clinics and buildings (specialization in vertical work performed by mountaineering experts to reach vertical surfaces where there are no gondolas or cranes ). Las Vegas carpet cleaning have almost 40 years of experience and know-how with total guarantee and peace of mind for our clients. All our tasks are supervised apart from the workers themselves (chosen and trained to do an impeccable task) by teams of managers so that our clients do not have to worry about this important service since in some way it is like the facade of your companies or centres.

Las Vegas carpet cleaning stand out among the cleaning companies in the communities and many other locations in Spain working for high prestige entities belonging to the education and health sectors, we have performed cleanings in offices, offices, public places, industrial buildings … and we continue to earn the loyalty of numerous clients who have been around for years and even decades, maintaining their trust in us. We are experts and the best guarantee all the work we do is the belief that everything is always improvable and that is why we try to form and update the knowledge and spirit of teamwork of our workers.

The steps followed at Las Vegas carpet cleaning:

  • Before cleaning, it is very important that we aspire to remove and descale the powder so that later it does not cost us so much to rub.
  • We will heat the water
  • Then when the water has warmed we will pour in the bucket or tub that we are going to use the two tablespoons of neutral detergent and white vinegar.
  • To improve the balance of the mixture we will have to remove the ingredients and thus its effect will be optimal.