Reasons why you should buy toys for your baby’s birthday

Kids need much love, care and attention growing up. You can show them your love through actions. Giving your kid a gift is one of the best ways to express that affection. Kids are small in size, but their needs are always big. Many new parents think that buying a gift for a little boy or a girl is an easy job. They can’t be more wrong. However, stoneFoot will make sure that you find the best things for your kid’s birthday.

  • Why is it hard to find right gifts for kids

This is a totally legit question. As a parent, you are only looking for the wellbeing and welfare of your little one. You will typically be concerned about the items that surround and interact with them. When you think about buying a gift for a little kid, toys seem the most ideal items. In fact, that is exactly the right type of gifts you should get for kid in early years. However, not all toys are right for small kids and here are the reasons why:

  • Toys are exploring tools

A toddler might not be able to speak or move properly, but he/she is very curious. For them, a toy can help them explore and understand their small world. So, you should pick an item that can help their curiosity and interest.

  • Not all toys work for all babies

You can’t just buy any toy for a baby. Decent toy companies design age appropriate items. So, before settling for a toy. You can buy something that can intrigue and challenge the little one. However, the toy shouldn’t be totally complex for his or her mental abilities.

  • Safe objects come first

Babies are excited to try new things and explore them with every possible ways. For instance, babies love to put things in their mouths. Toddlers also have sensitive skins. So, anything with sharp edges can hurt them. You need to be extra careful when you buy a toy for your baby. You need to make sure that it is free from all risks such as cutting and choking. You should buy toys of a decent size, that won’t fit into her/his mouth. A toy coming from a decent company can have a label that explain necessary details.

  • Buying toys vs. buying new clothes for the baby

Buying new clothes for babies is something all parents do. Babies definitely need clean and comfy clothes. Yet, you can’t really consider new clothes a birthday gift. There are many reasons that will make you less enthusiastic for buying a new baby dress:

  • Babies get bigger fast

Birthday gifts should be long lasting items. So, if you buy your baby a new piece of clothes, you can’t expect it to fit her more than a couple of weeks. Toddlers become bigger and taller very fast in their early months.

  • Clothes won’t help their mind

Babies pay the least attention to anything on their bodies. They are more drawn and interested in the outside world. If you want to get your baby something that will capture her attention, then clothes are not the right thing.

  • Clothes lose their glamour fast

Babies can throw up or make their clothes dirty out of the blue. So, you will do laundry more often and repeated laundry can gradually damage the fabric and color of clothes. So, the bright and colorful piece of clothes will soon lose its beauty. Durable toys on flip side tend to last longer, especially with toddlers.

All this doesn’t mean that you should no longer buy your baby new clothes. Absolutely not. Your baby will always need new clothing. But, you have the whole year to do that. Try to be creative on birthdays.

  • Importance of toys for newborns and toddlers

For babies, a toy is more than just a play tool. It is something that can help their minds grow and increase their brain functions. Here are some of the ways a toy can help your baby:

  • A way to improve brain functions

Giving your baby a puzzle or a block toy can improve his mental skills. He can gradually learn the right way to build something or arrange a puzzle piece. Step by step, your baby can work on his logical abilities and the way he solves problems in mind. Such toys can also help babies move their muscles and achieve muscle and brain coordination.

  • A way to learn sharing

When you play with your baby with their toys, you teach them a lesson about sharing. You let the baby know that it is ok for others to play with her things and the other way around. Such thing can develop your baby’s social skills.

  • Something to make memories with

Investing in a durable toy for your kid is a totally wise step. Picking an item that would last for years would help your kid emotionally. For example, a stuffed bear or a top-quality doll can be good friends to your baby growing up. Just imagine, your kid grows old with a stuffed animal and passes it on to your grandchildren.

The big variety of birthday toys is definitely tempting. It is always a good thing to look around and read about suitable toys before making a purchase. Seeing what stoneFoot has to offer in toys suggestion would be very helpful in the search for the ideal birthday gift.