The Red Book

Labour Left is in the process of generating ethically socialist policies that we are campaigning to get included in the 2015 manifesto.  In 2011 we wrote a Red Book to summarise our ideas.

If you wish to order a copy of the Red Book you can do so from

Amazon   |   Waterstones | Searching Finance (Publisher)

Several bookshops are also stocking the book and so please email if you need help purchasing it that way.

The Red Book is also available Free on PDF

Red Book Volume II

Labour Left have commissioned a Red Book Volume II that will be ready in early summer 2012. We do so with a view to making the publication of a Red Book an annual event in which we summarise the mood and state of the Labour Party as well as present are most recent range of ethically socialist policies that we hope to have considered for inclusion in the 2015 manifesto, and beyond.

Labour Left are taking pitches from prospective authors for potential chapters for our Red Book Volume II. We have already secured the agreement of several MPs, NEC members, academics, Councillors and activists to write for our second volume but there is room for more. Have you an idea for a socialist policy that you think can help us move beyond Neo-Liberalism? Have you a vision for a more socialist Labour than the one we have after 1997? Please contact with your ideas so that we can help plan the content of Red Book Volume II.