The tires of the car

The tires of the car are rubber tires that are placed on the wheels whose main objective is to improve the grip, friction, start and braking of the car with the pavement. As we can see in the previous definition, the tire influences practically all aspects of driving, which is why it is essential to exhaustively monitor the tires of our car. Another point for which this piece is paramount is safety; with good tires, we can rely on safe driving but some conditions such as wear, lack of pressure, blurred tire, etc. directly affect our safety behind the wheel. These irregularities can be detected easily if we are used to periodic checks of the state of our vehicle, in particular, the wheels and the main safety elements. Why do not you look at 1956 nash metropolitan.

1956 nash metropolitan safety and tires

To check the condition of the tires we can see different items: the depth of the grated (which should be more than 1.6mm according to experts), the pressure of the tires, the different breaks and blows that may exist if the piece in question it is too worn … All these signs that something is failing in the tires of our car, which correspond to a more visual examination, can be complemented with the perceptions we have once at the wheel: listening to the noises, the response to potholes and obstacles, the behaviour in the gyrations, aquaplaning, etc.

In short, any of the irregularities that we detect must be enough to deepen a little more in the state of the wheels of the car for our safety and that of our companions on the road. If we observe that we definitely have to dispense with old tires and that there is no possibility of repair, we will have to replace the tire with a new one: this can be one that we acquire or if we are in an extreme situation, the obligatory replacement part.

Types of spare wheels

There are two possible spare wheels, normal and cookie. The possession of one or the other will depend, first of all, on the use of the vehicle, that is, if it is not the first time we have problems with the tire, we will have used the spare wheel that comes from the factory, and the spare part to replace it will be our decision. Once we have discarded and replaced the old wheel with the new one, we have to replace the spare part again: having it is mandatory and an essential precaution in terms of safety. The 1956 nash metropolitan parts we choose depend on our needs, if our paths are short, periodic and repetitive wheel can purchase a toy or cookie, with which we will reduce costs and weight, and simply serve to move to the workshop.

Car rims, an essential part of the wheel

This circular piece is one of the most important inventions in history and was an invaluable advance for the life and economy of people. Its mechanical operation consists in turning around an axis that translates into movement. Today, although the base is the same, the system has become complicated in order to achieve the comfort, safety and speed offered by today’s cars.

In a vehicle, the wheels are composed of three pieces; tire, rim and valve. The tire is a piece composed of rubber filled with air inside that is put on the wheel, is the only point of the car that makes contact with the ground; the valve is the part through which air is introduced into the tire. Thanks to this, tire and rim remain fixed by pressure. The rim is basically the structure of the wheel, on this, the other elements are arranged and it is fixed to the axle of the car through nuts. Around the tire of the car is the tire, fixed to the tire by pressure. It is usually made of steel or alloy, and on it, you can place the trim or hubcap. The size and shape depend on the tire; they range from the most standard models to other more exclusive ones. If we want to replace the lamps of the car we must pay attention mainly to these two parameters; the material and the size of them. Have a look at the 1956 nash metropolitan.

Types of materials – 1956 nash metropolitan

The rims of the car can be made of steel or alloy. The steel rims are cheap and resistant due to its solid structure; in addition, its cleaning is simpler. On the other hand, they are less aesthetic and due to the hermetic design do not evacuate the heat conveniently, since its structure does not allow the circulation of air despite the holes in the hubcap. They are heavier and have a greater predisposition to vibration and warping. On the other hand, the alloy wheels have a more careful design and beautify the vehicle in general. The main advantage they have over steel wheels is the weight, they are lighter than the classic ones, and they also allow a better evacuation of the air in the braking system, which lowers the temperature. However, they tend to present greater corrosion and difficulty in hygiene, besides being more fragile and complicated to fix.

Size types

The size and weight of the tire depend mainly on the diameter of the tire and the model of our vehicle. The contour of the rim of the car must be exactly the same as that of the tire, although if we prefer larger rims we can opt for a thinner tire. Keep in mind that the larger and thicker the tire will also increase the weight considerably. In movement, an excess of weight is translated in a reduction of the time of acceleration and the dynamism. In any case, it is very important to pay attention to the condition of the tires of our car and to have the spare wheels suitable for our needs. To buy spare parts and other items you can always visit an online 1956 nash metropolitan, and choose your products comfortably from your computer.