Why Switch to Fabric Pots as the Best Container for Gardening

A century ago, people relied on small-scale gardening to grow food for their family needs. It was a common thing for each household to own a vegetable garden on their plot. But with the modern onset of commercial agriculture, which is being industrialized, food has been confined to the walls of bags, cans, and boxes.

After which, it is processed for preservation and shipped across the country to its consumers. In the modern times of everything cheap, fast and convenient, many children tend to grow up not knowing where the food is coming from. You can overcome all this by ensuring that, you get the best smart pots to do some farming and growing whatever plant which might currently seem impossible to do. They are containers which are made from fabrics which are breathable, working great as an alternative to the traditional small gardens that were the order of the day.

Why Use the Smart Pots?

Here are some of the reasons why you will need to consider using these pots instead of the plastic and clay pots:

  • Can prevent over-watering: Due to the fact that the material is porous, the drainage is excellent on all sides of the container, and thus, the roots will not be over-watered and drown in the process. One of the most common causes of pathogens and molds is over-watering the plants and thus, to prevent this, there is a need for sufficient drainage.
  • Aerates the zone of the root and regulates temperature: The fabric of these types of pots allows oxygen to aerate the roots on all sides of the container and not only from the top. The microbes in the soil happen to thrive during oxygenation and in the process, it creates a rhizosphere that is healthy for the plant (these refer to the living area all around the roots), as the evaporation and breathability cooling assists in ensuring that the temperature levels are low as compared to the temperature in pots made from plastic.
  • Can be used in hydro systems: Water can easily get in and out, allowing water to penetrate the bag and be absorbed by the pot. They at the same time, act as a filter which allows you to use a medium that is soil-less if you are using a hydroponic system without the worry of the smart pots clogging the tubes and other components.

These particular pots ensure that growing food is possible even when the soil is in poor condition. This means that you will be able to do gardening in a place where it was impossible.

  • Improves root mass and structure: When the roots of the plants you have grown in the pots become air pruned due to the fabric material, the plants automatically shoot new feeder roots. When there is an increase in the root mass, it helps in providing more area of the root matter which can be able to uptake the nutrients and water, and in the process, allows the plant to be able to grow bigger and at a rate which is exaggerated.
  • They are Mobile: Smart Pots are mobile, flexible and thus, easy to fold and store whenever you are not using it. You can also move them from one location to another in the yard if there are only specific areas where the sun reaches at various times of the day.

Since containers constructed from fabric aeration were introduced in the market, they seem to be doing quite fine along with their other competitors. When you are choosing a fabric pot, in order to get maximum yields and optimal crops, you will need to remember that, not all fabric pots are equally created. You will need to look out for:

  • Check out the Material: Many fabric bag manufacturers will boast that, they are degradable and made from recycled material. Mind you that, the materials which they refer to as “recycled” could be anything from recycled textiles to used plastic bottles to cotton fabrics.

Depending on the source of the raw material which is recycled, they could lead to toxins reaching into the root zone. If the material is cotton, it will have a tendency of attracting pathogens and diseases. Remember that, degradable means that, it will fall apart, and this could not be a good idea.

  • Quality of fabric containers for gardening: When you are planning to invest your cash into your garden, then it means, you need to consider the quality of the material you are buying. You need to get bags which you can re-use, year after year.

Look for fabric bags which will be able to last for a long time and not get spoiled after a short while. Get bags which are UV protected to ensure that, they are not affected by minimum exposure of the sun. This will reduce the frequency by which you buy the bags and in the process, save you some cash. Ensure that your bags are food grade.

  • Keep it Simple: Get a bag that is strong without containing any mechanical components. While Velcro, zippers, and straps might look convenient and cool, they easily clog with soil, fail after a short usage and rendered uselessly.

Handles might be important if you will be moving your pots from one place to another. A premium organic nutrient bag combined with a quality aeration fabric container that provides plenty of ventilation and light might be the key components you will achieve if you get the best pots which in the process, will give you a great yield.

Tests in fabric containers against that of plastic pots have proven differences which are noticeable in regard to yield size and plant quality. When you use fabric containers, it seems that the possibilities are so many.

With these pots, you will be able to grow on porches, balconies, rooftops and vertical walls, whatever you feel like, ensuring that you grow your own food, flowers and other plants that you love.